Desiree Hartsock Makes a Big Wedding Decision — Inspired by The Bachelorette!
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Desiree Hartsock

Desiree Hartsock Makes a Big Wedding Decision — Inspired by The Bachelorette!

Is there a more important aspect to a wedding than the cake? Not as far as we’re concerned. And it appears that Bachelorette Season 9 star Desiree Hartsock agrees. In fact, she’s now letting everyone know that she and Chris Siegfried have finalized an important cake-related decision for their upcoming nuptials.

Des who has yet to set a wedding date with Chris but hopes to tie the knot sometime in 2014 writes in her blog that personalized cake toppers are a fun way to add a unique spin to the reception. And Des says that she and Chris are opting for ones that reflect a special Bachelorette date that they shared.

“I think I will have to go with the baseball player cake topper, since Chris played some ball in his days… and we shared a baseball moment together for his hometown date,” Des writes. She adds that she wants her toppers to have a “sentimental” vibe.

We love hearing that Des and Chris are already deciding on what their cake will look like! This tells us that they really are moving forward with their wedding plans, even though the “save the dates” haven’t gone out quite yet. And the fact that Des is taking such care with each little decision means that their actual wedding is truly going to blow all of our minds.

Of course, the downside of this all is that we now suddenly have a hankering for cake. Then again, we pretty much always have a hankering for cake.

What do you think of Des’s wedding cake idea? And are you surprised that people use personalized cake toppers?

Source: Des Hartsock’s Blog