Ciara on Choosing Her Wedding Dress: “I Want Elegant and Classic”
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Ciara on Choosing Her Wedding Dress: “I Want Elegant and Classic”

Ciara might be expecting a baby, but she’s also expecting something else pretty life-changing: a wedding. And when it comes to planning her big day with her fiance, Future, they’re already hard at work making sure they start their marriage off with a perfect celebration.

“We’re definitely working on things every day,” Ciara told People — although she also admitted there’s still no date chosen yet. “I feel like it’s going to work itself out though, because at least me and my fiance are talking over things. So when it’s time to start working with a wedding planner, it will be like A, B, C, boom. We’ll have a vision.”

It’s fine, Ciara, we do the same thing — we practically have our weddings planned via Pinterest and we’re not even engaged.

And speaking of visions, Ciara already has one for her wedding dress. She’s not 100% sure of what she wants, but she’s certain of the direction she wants to go in.

“I want elegant and classic to be the theme,” she revealed. “I don’t know exactly what it is yet, but I do want it to be a little vintage-y, like something my mom would have worn, with a modern twist. I have an idea of the feeling I would love. I want to go a little throwback.”

In the meantime, though, Ciara’s busy prepping for her Grammy performance — which includes plenty of time for hair and makeup and practicing her choreography… even if they’ve needed to tweak it here and there to accommodate Ciara’s pregnancy.

“You make the modification where you need to and you keep it going, you know,” she said. “I feel awesome. Honestly, I’m having the happiest days of my life.”

Source: People