Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian Arrives at LAX After Wedding, Honeymoon — Where’s Kanye? (VIDEO)

Kanye West is said to have told his wedding guests he was looking forward to spending every day with Kim Kardashian, but it looks like they’re already spending some time apart! The newlywed reality star was spotted arriving at her home airport of LAX without her new hubby on June 1.

That said, we doubt there’s any cause for concern. Kanye’s back on tour again starting June 7, where he’ll play at the X Games in Austin, Texas, followed by an appearance at the Bonnaroo Festival in Tennessee. Knowing that he’s been off the road for a while, we’d be willing to bet our Yeezus t-shirts that this perfectionist is rehearsing, hammering out production details, and generally being a boss in preparation for those two major events.

Kim and Kanye spent last week having a quiet and “relaxing” getaway to Ireland before jetting to Prague for the wedding of Kanye’s stylist, Renelou Padora. Though it was only a week, it sounds like they made it count!

Still, it seems like such a short honeymoon after all that buildup to their lavish Italian wedding. Perhaps Kim is only stopping home briefly to collect baby North before the joins Yeezy on the road? The whole family traveled together for much of the early legs of the tour, so it’s certainly a safe bet!

Are you surprised to see Mrs. West without her Mr. so soon after the wedding?