Why Kim Kardashian’s Friends Haven’t Received Wedding Invitations
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Kim Kardashian

Why Kim Kardashian’s Friends Haven’t Received Wedding Invitations

Kim Kardashian’s supposedly planning on getting married next month to Kanye West — yet her friends still have not received wedding invitations. As it turns out, it’s not a mixup at the printers or an extra slow calligrapher to blame for the delay, but rather a desperate attempt to keep the details of the big day under tight wraps.

According to Hollywood Life, the plan is to send out very simple invites in the weeks before the wedding, which will only say the date of the ceremony and “Paris” for the location. Once guests arrive at their accommodations — but how will they know where they’re supposed to stay? — they’ll receive more specific details about the time and location.

Though that explains why nobody has received an invite yet, there’s still a good chance some of Kim’s buddies won’t make the guest list. Reportedly, the affair is going to be fairly intimate compared to Kim’s last wedding, with only 90 people invited to attend.

While there’s no firm list of who will make the cut, we’re guessing from that number only family and close friends will get to see the big day — that is, until E! airs the inevitable two-part wedding special.

Are you surprised Kim’s waiting so long to send her invitations, or does it make sense given Kanye’s strong desire to keep the event on the DL?

Source: Hollywood Life