I Dream Of NeNe: The Wedding — NeNe Duels With Her Wedding Planner (VIDEO)
Credit: Wilford Harewood/Bravo    

I Dream of NeNe The Wedding

I Dream Of NeNe: The Wedding — NeNe Duels With Her Wedding Planner (VIDEO)

The I Dream Of NeNe: The Wedding “Cancel the Wedding” episode certainly provided us with some exceedingly high drama, because NeNe Leakes never lets us down. Does the Real Housewives of Atlanta star ever disappoint?

This must-see clip on Bravo is chock-full of uncomfortable exchanges between NeNe and her wedding planner, Tiffany Cook, after NeNe returned from L.A. and the Atlanta-based planner is nowhere to be found. A shell-shocked Gregg looks on behind his bride(zilla).

The clip begins with Tiffany standing up to NeNe (girlfriend must straight up cray cray!), saying, “I didn’t get to where I’m at because I lollygag and pick lint out of my naval.” Direct hit, although NeNe did not seem at all impressed.

NeNe responds with one of her signature third-person zingers, telling Tiffany, “You may have not had a NeNe Leakes bride.”

When Tiffany then asked why NeNe went with her, she dropped the bomb the other two planners she wanted were busy. Oh, NoNo, NeNe!

Tiffany begins to regale NeNe with a lot of hullabaloo about the multi-million dollar engagements that she’s planned for Michael Jackson and, er, Pokemon.

We seriously can’t make this stuff up, folks, and this clip is a must-watch, as is the show, of course.

Will you tune in to watch the next I Dream Of NeNe: The Wedding episode?