This Week’s Winner and Loser from Glee Episode 1.19, “Dream On”

In the world of McKinley High, it's easy to go from cock-of-the-walk to school-wide turkey in almost no time at all. With that in mind, we present our picks for the most and least successful players in this week's episode of Glee! And who knows? With the way things change on the show, this week's champ could be next week's outcast. (But we find it hard to believe Sue could ever be anything but a winner in her world!)


Here's why:
Who knew?! Don't look now, but Mr. Schuester has been named the winner of the week for the very first time! All he needed to do was audition for a regional production of Les Mis, in which he landed the lead role of Jean Valjean! Finally, Schue put his money where his mouth is and decided to live out a dream of his own. To top it off, he gave the part to his high school nemesis Bryan Ryan. Yes, folks, Will once again decreased his own happiness in order to help someone else. He does this so often that we're going to call it "pulling a Schuester." (We're hoping that term catches on, so start using it with all your friends! We're going to be millionaires!) Who says community theatre doesn't save lives?

2. Okay, so his marriage to Terri didn't exactly go off without a hitch (to say the very least), but it must have been pretty satisfying for him to hear Bryan Ryan admit that Terri was the one girl he'd always pined for. Go, Schue! (By the way, Bryan, Terri's probably free tonight if you're still interested! Okay, she's currently busy whittling a Pottery Barn table leg into a shiv intended for Emma, but she'll be free later.)

3. And speaking of Emma, it was certainly notable that she and her fussiness weren't around this episode to bring down Schue's high. Unlike Shelby, Emma is one person who never seems interested in heavy petting (or even light-to-moderate petting, for that matter), so Schue can clearly use a little time away from her. Also, let's not forget that Sue was barely around to cause trouble this week, and when she was, it was mainly focused on getting back at Bryan Ryan. True, there were a high number of extenuating circumstances at play to help land Schue his first "Winner" spot, but it won't necessarily be his last time on top! (Actually, it probably will. We're just trying to be nice and "pull a Schuester.")

Here's why:
The deck was stacked against this guy from the start of the show. We hear quite the sordid back story from Bryan Ryan — performing on cruise ships, waking up in crack dens, and having to spend time with other used car salesmen on a daily basis. Shudder. Get this man a hug!

2. We don't envy anyone who has to compete for a role with that charming, devilishly handsome son-of-a-gun known as Will Schuester. It may have been a crushing blow that Bryan only got one line in Les Mis, but we weren't too surprised. In his single "winning" moment of the episode, Bryan Ryan skillfully guilted Will into giving him the role of Jean Valjean. And as we all know, there's just about nothing Will can't be guilted into doing!

3. Poor Bry-Ry. He's new 'round these parts, so he doesn't know that Sue will take advantage of a person in any way she can. Bryan may have been in control when he was using his magic (literally) on the high school girls in the '80s, but no one pulls the wool over Sue Sylvester's eyes! Although, as a consolation, we can't imagine she would be boring in the sack. At least you've got that — right, Bryan?

12.19.2013 / 12:00 AM EDT by Ryan Gajewski
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