Cynthia Bailey Shows Off Dramatic Weight Loss in Before and After Photos!
Credit: Cynthia Bailey on Instagram    

Cynthia Bailey

Cynthia Bailey Shows Off Dramatic Weight Loss in Before and After Photos!

2013 was a rough year for Cynthia Bailey. The Real Housewives of Atlanta star gained weight and was left feeling tired and without a sex drive because of her much-discussed fibroids. Plus, she even recently revealed that the lack of sex almost lead her husband, Peter Thomas, to leave her.

Thankfully, Cynthia elected to have her fibroids removed several months ago, and since then things couldn’t be better for the reality star: The weight came right off, Cynthia had energy again, and her sex life with Peter is the best it’s ever been!

As we mentioned above, the fibroids caused Cyn to bloat and gain weight (a model’s worst nightmare), but after getting those suckers removed and adapting to a healthier lifestyle, Cynthia was back to her normal, svelte self. The gorgeous gal even Instagrammed a before and after photo of herself, and even though neither half of the photo is dated, we’re willing to guess that the right side shows Cynthia before she had her fibroids removed and went on a new diet, while the photo on the left is what she looks like today.

Cynthia captioned the transformation picture, “Live healthier in 2014. I'm loving @calibere #healthyliving.” She doesn’t specify how many pounds she dropped, but it’s easy to see the difference. In the after photo everything about her is slimmer: her face, her arms, and especially her stomach. It certainly helps that she’s wearing the same dress in both photos, because we can better see all of the progress she’s made. Those frequent trips to the gym are certainly helping as well!

Do you see a difference in Cynthia’s before and after photos? Let us know what you think below!