Did Christina Aguilera Have Weight Loss Surgery?
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Christina Aguilera

Did Christina Aguilera Have Weight Loss Surgery?

The Voice judge Christina Aguilera has been getting mad props for her body transformation as of late, but as the saying goes: Haters gonna hate. According to an article on Huffington Post, some are speculating that the star may have taken the (relatively) easy way out and gotten plastic surgery, including liposuction and a breast lift.

Some are saying the speculation is due to Christina’s own admission that she would rather spend the little spare time she has with her son instead of sweating on the treadmill.

“If I have to choose between working out and spending time with my son after a hard day, it’s not even a question,” the “Beautiful” singer told Redbook magazine in their November issue last year.

That’s why some doctors have weighed in that, in lieu of an exercise regimen, the weight loss may be due to surgery.

"In ten months, patients may lose up to as much as 80 lbs or more with aggressive diet, exercise, diet pills, and/or bariatric surgery," Dr. Lance Wyatt, who hasn't treated Christina, told RadarOnline.com.

"Looks like Christina may have had liposuction of her body and/or tummy tuck for flatter abdomen and more narrow waistline,” the doctor went on to say.

Nutritionist Dr. Pescatore also gave his two cents, implying the singer may have had a breast lift, as he said her chest seems to have shrunk a bit since the weight loss (DUH!).

Those in Christina’s inner circle are calling this story a bunch of bunk, as they claim healthy lifestyle changes are what have given her the newly svelte figure.

"Once she became serious about losing the weight, she stopped eating out. They've barely gone out at all in the past three months," an insider revealed to Life & Style magazine.

Mega producer Mark Burnett, who produces The Voice, chimed in, saying, "Christina is in such good shape; she looks like a professional athlete. She's as happy as can be, as fit as can be and as full of life as can be. She looks amazing."

She does look amazing! But what do you think — is it surgery or hard work and a healthy diet?

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