Christina Aguilera Channels “Genie in a Bottle” Style in Throwback Outfit (PHOTO)
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Christina Aguilera

Christina Aguilera Channels “Genie in a Bottle” Style in Throwback Outfit (PHOTO)

Remember back in the ye olden days circa 1999 when a young Christina Aguilera and her bare midriff knocked reigning pop princess Britney Spears off her pedestal with a little breakout hit called "Genie in a Bottle"? Good times. It wasn't long before Christina morphed into her "Dirrty" alter-ego, Xtina, and showcased a completely different (read: crazy) side of her personality. As the years went on, Christina's style continued to devolve, and by the time she joined The Voice in 2011 she was almost unrecognizable. But not any more!

Nowadays, the 32-year-old pop diva — who recently shed major pounds thanks to a home delivery diet plan — is bringing it back with a new (old) '90s-inspired look. On last night's live episode of The Voice (November 5), Christina stepped out for a beautiful duet with A Great Big World wearing low-cut jeans, a baby tee, a black beanie, and gold hoop earrings. Simple, yet true to her identity.

According to In Touch, Christina was pressured by the powers that be to "tone down" her look this season — advice she apparently took to heart.

"She is recording a new album that she wants to be a hit, so the new image can't hurt," a source dished. "She thinks she looks great and isn't hiding behind 10 lbs of hair extensions."

We'll always have a special place in our hearts for Christina's assless chaps and black hair extensions, but we're really loving her subdued style — and the confidence she brings with it!

Do you prefer Christina's current throwback style, or do you miss her crazy ensembles from the "Dirrty" years? Tell us below!