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Weird Things Celebrity Moms Do: From Baby Training to Placenta-Eating (PHOTOS)

Celebrity endorsements often make us curious about a lot of things, but some of our favorite celebrity moms’ unique parenting practices haven’t quite tempted us! But hey, it's Mother's Day, so we appreciate these famous moms, odd habits and all.

Some of these habits are understandable, like heightened hospital security ;— and some we file under "more power to 'em," like unconventional breastfeeding ;practices. But some of these just blow our minds! One celebrity earth-mama even fed her infant like a baby bird. Yes, we mean pre-chewing food for him and then spitting it into his mouth! ;Other moms almost qualify as stuntwomen, like the reality star that pumped breastmilk while driving.

From being a little TMI to being a little too proactive, these celebrity mamas get a little unconventional with their parenting. Click through for all the details! Would you try these at home? (Seriously, though, please don't pump and drive.)