NeNe Leakes on Wendy Williams: She Doesn’t Support Other Black Women
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NeNe Leakes

NeNe Leakes on Wendy Williams: She Doesn’t Support Other Black Women

When you mess with NeNe Leakes, she is not one to back down. We could have told you that years ago, but unfortunately talk show host Wendy Williams just learned this lesson last month when she slammed NeNe on her show for having a personalized Birkin bag. NeNe immediately responded to Wendy’s dig, and although some people felt she overreacted, the Real Housewives of Atlanta star is now opening up about why she was so irked.

Speaking exclusively with Madame Noire, NeNe began, “We all know that Wendy has been very negative towards a lot people in the industry. That’s basically how she built her career. That’s fine with me. No tea and no shade. But the deal is, I supported Wendy — I was supportive of Wendy. If you rewind the tape all the way back to Season 1, when she first opened up her show for the first week, I sat on her show for a full hour. And I helped her when she launched her show that week. I would like to think that I’ve been on there more than any other reality show star.”

While we can’t verify that last claim, hearing how NeNe supported Wendy in her early days gives NeNe’s current anger at the situation a bit more context. To add insult to injury, NeNe says her support for the daytime host hardly ended there.

“When she did her 500th episode, her producers called me and told me ‘Wendy is doing her 500th show, we would love for you to come and celebrate with her.’ And I said ‘wow.’ I flew to New York and bought her a Celine bag — it ain’t got nothing to do with the price or nothing. I went to her and said to her, ‘I am so proud of you Wendy.’ Honestly, I hugged her and told her ‘I am so proud of you’”, NeNe recalled. “Because I feel like she was a Black woman opening up the door for me to walk through. That’s an amazing accomplishment as an African American woman.”

But as we all know, at least from NeNe’s perspective, Wendy has hardly returned the support and that’s why the RHoA star chose to write her that open letter..

“All of a sudden it’s like Wendy flipped and went on some type of sabotaging campaign. Every time she would put my picture up, she said something negative about me. I don’t watch her show anymore because she has been so negative toward people. And she’s not only negative toward people, she is negative toward black girls. And you’re a black woman sitting up here. Now, I have a feeling why she’s saying it, but I just want people to know it was not about my Birkin bag, my bag was the last straw for me,” NeNe reasoned. “She put on this sabotaging campaign for a very long time. So I wanted to do an open letter and just said to her ‘What did I do to you?!’ Because if I did anything to you, you need to tell me.”

And for those of you who still think NeNe is sour about Wendy insulting her bag, she wants to reiterate that her anger and disappointment is a direct result of Wendy putting her down. “I wouldn’t have even cared if she criticized my bag. But she tried to lower the cost of my damn bag and then she tried to act like I’m not out here working everyday getting money. Girl, bye,” NeNe declared. “I’m so done with you right now. I know why you’re doing this and you know why you’re doing it too. You just another one of these haters, just hate to see another sister come up. Women need to support women more often, we really do.”

You know what they say, girl: Haters gonna hate!

For her part, NeNe says she regrets ever responding to Wendy, thus feeding this whole feud. NeNe also said she will “never” put people down, but we have a feeling some of her RHoA co-stars (yes, Cynthia Bailey, we’re looking at you) might disagree.

Does Wendy’s beef with Wendy make more sense now, or is she still blowing things out of proportion? Sound off below

Source: Madame Noire

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