Wendy Williams Slams Chris Brown For Slamming Jay Z: “You Need to Blame Yourself”
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Wendy Williams Slams Chris Brown For Slamming Jay Z: “You Need to Blame Yourself”

Remember back in the day when Jay Z was just an up-and-coming rapper living a hard-knock life on the streets of Brooklyn? Well, fellow hip hop star Chris Brown has something to say about it, and talk show host Wendy Williams is not impressed.

Rihanna's notorious ex dishes about his "bad boy" image in a new interview with JET magazine, explaining how the "Holy Grail" singer receives a "free pass" from the media despite his sordid past.

"Nobody brings up the fact that he stabbed somebody and sold drugs," Chris adds.

Wendy keeps it real, acknowledging that Jay Z did, in fact, stab somebody (record producer Lance "Un" Rivera) back in 1999, but reminds viewers that his stint as a drug dealer was long before he got famous.

"To my best of my knowledge that was before we even knew him as a Jay or a Z, Chris," Wendy retorts. "You were less than smart in trying to blame Jay Z. You need to blame yourself, young man."

But in typical Wendy fashion, she doesn't stop there.

"You're a woman beater, you're disrespectful, you threw a chair out of the window at Good Morning America … what ever happened to that cute young man that used to dance for the Doublemint Gum?" she asks.

And for the zinger? Wendy leaves that one for last.

"I get it, all boys grow up … but you look like a junkie!" she snaps, commenting on the 24-year-old singer's weight, "nasty tattoos," and general disregard for anyone but himself. Sorry, Chris, but we're gonna have to side with Wendy on this one.

What do you think? Do you agree with Wendy or is she just being a hater? Weigh in below.

09.23.2013 / 12:00 AM EDT by Lindsay Dreyer
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