Wendy Williams Slams Lea Michele’s Boyfriend Matthew Paetz: “She Probably Had to Pay Him For His Company” (VIDEO)
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Wendy Williams Slams Lea Michele’s Boyfriend Matthew Paetz: “She Probably Had to Pay Him For His Company” (VIDEO)

Talkshow host Wendy Williams is hardly one to keep her opinions to herself, so when entertainment blogger Perez Hilton stopped by THE WENDY WILLIAMS SHOW on July 9 to chat about various Hollywood gossip, including Lea Michele’s (Rachel) new relationship with former gigolo Matthew Paetz, the 49-year-old certainly didn’t hold anything back.

“I am shocked at this story,” Wendy began. “I’m not judging but I’m judging.” Perez went on to explain Matthew’s previous profession, which has caused quite a stir in recent weeks. “He’s a hooker,” Perez told the shocked audience. “Guys are called gigolos, but a hooker is a hooker.”

Wendy elaborated, “He gets paid to spend quality time with women, and depending on what he does, he gets paid in increments.”

Although Perez has been known to get himself involved in plenty of mean-spirited gossip in the past, he actually took this opportunity to stand up for Lea. “I’m not going to judge this too much because just a year ago her boyfriend/fiancé passed away,” he said. “It has been a very difficult time for her, and I think if she can get any more love or just distraction in her life, I think that’s a good thing.”

“But a hooker!?” Wendy asked, still in shock. Perez went on to clarify that Matthew apparently stopped working as a gigolo once he started dating Lea several months ago, but Wen wasn’t having it. “She probably had to pay him for his company for their first date, and then he decided he liked her and maybe gave the money back!”

Wendy may not be on board with Matthew’s rumored former profession, but she did concede that Lea’s new man is most definitely not hard to look at. “He’s ripped and when he faces forward he looks like a cross between Adam Levine and Kellan Lutz, with the bottom lip of Ryan Phillippe.”

Do you think Wendy is being too hard on Lea and Matthew’s relationship, or is right to be outraged? Check out Perez’s full interview with Wendy below and tell us what you think in the comments!

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