Wendy Williams Calls Out Steve Harvey For His Diva-Like Behavior On-Set
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Wendy Williams

Wendy Williams Calls Out Steve Harvey For His Diva-Like Behavior On-Set


Wendy Williams didn’t hold back on her recent appearance on The Howard Stern Show when it came to addressing her fellow talk show hosts.

Specifically, she called out Steve Harvey over his note to staff that recently went viral and pegged him as a full-blown diva, a sentiment with which Wendy agrees.


During her sit-down with the king of all media, the Jersey native blasted the Family Feud host over his treatment of his employees.


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This is in reference to a note from the comic given to employees instructing them not to speak to him unless requested, as well as other questionable demands.


“I like Steve, but that whole thing with don’t look at me and stuff, that’s not the approach I take for my staff,” she insisted.


“And I’ve taken bits and pieces from people that I’ve admired — including Oprah, including you — but you know my mother and father, that’s the way they raised me.”


Unlike Steve, Wendy imparts an open door policy with her staff.


“The sauce is in a supportive staff. My staff, they can call me anytime they want.”


Wendy also discussed hitting the strip club with hubby, Kevin Hunter, saying she’s a fun girl who isn’t afraid of a lap dance.


“Of course! And make it rain on them hoes … with respect [laughter]. I have fun, Howard. I’m a fun woman.”

“We were just there last week, Howard!”


Wendy’s been very open in her own interviews lately, recently sharing with fans how Bill Cosby attempted to get her fired from radio over 20 years ago for discussing his alleged sexual assaults.


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In the end, she was able to keep her job, as she’s proven herself to be a powerful voice in media.


Do you agree that Steve’s note went a little too far? Sound off below.