Wendy Williams Says Teresa Giudice Won’t Do Jail Time, Offers Courtroom Fashion Advice
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Real Housewives of New Jersey

Wendy Williams Says Teresa Giudice Won’t Do Jail Time, Offers Courtroom Fashion Advice

Wendy Williams is one of the only people to think that Teresa Giudice will not end up doing any jail time after her legal nightmare comes to an end. And, now that The Real Housewives of New Jersey has two more charges added to her long list of offenses, Wendy is sticking to her guns … for the most part.

The TV host recently brought up the Giudice drama on her Hot Topics segment, where she once again put out her opinion that Teresa's hubby, Joe Giudice, may end up behind bars, but it's unlikely that Teresa will have to go through the process.

“Alright 41 counts of fraud, um, I still think he’ll do jail time, but she won’t," Wendy commented, adding, "Alright maybe six months, but that’s it.”

Six months isn't too shabby considering is Teresa is currently facing up to 50 years!

Wendy also had some fashion advice for the notorious couple.

After suggesting that Joe score better shoes and lose the sunglasses, Wendy sent Teresa a message about her wardrobe.

“Teresa you look terrific, you know I always say that you wear a pantsuit like nobody’s business," Wendy complimented, but then added, "Teresa you should’ve worn anything but black, and definitely no pantsuit. Pantsuit to the courtroom might say you are a hardened woman. Perhaps they might be thinking that you are guilty. Here’s what you should’ve worn Teresa — something with flowers. Something with flowers, and you should’ve worn flats, and you know what, I love the way your hair looks, it looks absolutely gorgeous, but you know what with that side part, push it back with a beret.”

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