Were Glee’s Finn and Rachel Supposed to End Up Together?
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Were Glee’s Finn and Rachel Supposed to End Up Together?

On Halloween 2013 — Thursday, October 31 — Fox re-aired Glee's Cory Monteith tribute: "The Quarterback." The show had originally aired on October 10. We cried watching it then. We cried watching it again. But as we watched, we couldn't help but think about all the things that could have been in store for Finn and Rachel as a couple. If Cory hadn't have died, Finn would have continued to be an integral part of Glee Season 5. But would that have ultimately led him back into Rachel's arms?

After Cory Monteith’s untimely death this summer, we’re left with a million unanswered questions about what this young actor’s future could have held. Similarly, the end of Finn means we’ll also never really know where his character was heading. If you ask us, the big mystery is: Would Finn and Rachel (Lea Michele) have ended up together on the show?

Sadly, we may never know for sure whether Rachel and Finn would have been a couple when the series ended. Glee’s writers had reportedly planned to make Finn an integral part of Season 5, but when Cory died in July, they scrapped those storylines, and the writers have yet to reveal what they had in mind for Finn.

Were Glee’s Finn and Rachel Supposed to End Up Together?
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And while Finchel was broken up when Season 4 ended, we have a strong feeling they would have gotten together by the end of the show’s run. It’s true that not every one of the show’s core couples will stay together until the end, as Brittana’s fate apparently proves — which we’re still not happy about, by the way! But Finn and Rachel seemed different.

It’s hard to deny that Finn and Rachel were the heart of the show, as every season finale in the first three seasons ended with a pivotal moment in their relationship: Their first “I love you” (Season 1), ashocking kiss (Season 2), or a tearful goodbye (Season 3). Presumably, Season 4 would have had a similar moment, had Cory not missed the episode due to his Spring 2013 trip to rehab.

And even in Season 4, we got a major hint about the future of Finchel, as Finn referred to Rachel as his “future wife.” Plus, with so much time on the show having been devoted to the couple planning their wedding in Season 3, it would seem surprising if the character didn’t eventually tie the knot. Clearly, Ryan Murphy had to think they were endgame, right? Right?!

Then again, part of the joy with Glee is that you just never know what’s going to happen. So maybe Finn and Rachel would have ended up with other people, or maybe they would have both stayed single. Or maybe they would have [insert random thought from Ryan Murphy’s brain here]. Still, we’ll always assume that Finn and Rachel’s love was too strong to have kept them apart. Nothing, other than death, could have ever separated them.

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