Were the Judges Right in Sending Angelia Home? ANTM Cycle 16, Episode 1
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Were the Judges Right in Sending Angelia Home? ANTM Cycle 16, Episode 1

How much can you really know about someone from one short walk in a bubble and a photo of her eye? We hardly got to know Angelia, but there was time for one obligatory jumping-the-gun statement from her before she was on the chopping block: “Recognize my face and get used to it!”

Let’s leave the runway challenge out of it, because aside from bubble walking wunderkind Brittani, it was pretty much impossible to reward or punish anyone for that spectacle. The backstage photo shoot, however, was basically a series of staged “candids” that even non-models tend to be good at. We thought the biggest surprise, really, was that Nicole wasn’t closer to the bottom on this one. Nigel said she wasn’t present in the shot, which might have something to do with the fact that half of her face was covered in shadows. Apart from that, though, they thought she looked older and had a "cat’s bottom mouth." Guess they got over all that and decided Angelia was worse.

Anyway, the bottom two were guilty of the biggest ANTM crimes — Dominique lacked personality, and Angelia was just too darned pretty. “You almost kinda don’t want the boys to really want you,” Tyra explained. “You want the girls to want what you have on.” Fair enough. Dominique has a really interesting look and, more importantly, made us laugh more than once, so we’re OK with how it shook out. Also, the judges were spot on with their top picks: Molly, Brittani, Alexandria and Mikaela were all striking.

Ty’s parting words to Angelia? “You have to go home and practice and get some pictures that look more striking than you are.” For the record, she really meant home home this time.

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