Were You Team Louise or Team Kelly Cutrone on ANTM Cycle 18, Episode 3?
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America's Next Top Model

Were You Team Louise or Team Kelly Cutrone on ANTM Cycle 18, Episode 3?

The drama got intense earlier than normal on America's Next Top Model Cycle 18, when British model Louise Watts stormed away from panel after butting heads with judge Kelly Cutrone on Episode 3.

Based on the preview of the episode, we expected to be on Kelly's side, because reality contestants who walk off during judging are almost never in the right. However, we ended up having way more sympathy for Louise than we expected.

After all, where did Kelly get off yelling at her not to run, when the models had been tasked with a time sensitive challenge that practically forced them to sprint around a huge warehouse? And, honestly, we don't see why Kelly ended up thinking Louise had the worst attitude ever — yes, she didn't bow down and beg Kelly's almighty forgiveness after their run-in on set, but she kept going and ended up with a great photo. Isn't that what really matters?

On the other hand, walking out of panel and ditching the competition seemed like a huge overreaction on Louise's part, so it's hard for us to say we're 100 percent on her side. Sometimes you just have to suck it up and be nice to your superiors, even if you're mad at them.

Catch the next episode of ANTM Cycle 18 on Wednesday, March 14 at 9 pm ET/PT on The CW.

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03.15.2012 / 10:04 PM EDT by Rebecca Martin
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