Leah Messer Without Running Water After Chemical Spill in West Virginia
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Leah Messer

Leah Messer Without Running Water After Chemical Spill in West Virginia

It's time to say a prayer for West Virginia, y'all. Prosecutors are investigating a chemical spill that has contaminated tap water in Charleston and nine of the surrounding counties, affecting more than 200,000 residents, according The New York Times. Unfortunately, one of the poor souls affected by the spill is none other than Teen Mom 2's resident Southern belle Leah Messer.

"May god be with all the ones out working for us to get water back to normal! We should be wanting to help them any way possible instead of being negative inpatient and greedy!" Leah tweeted on Friday. "They are doing the best they can! #BlessThem."

The spill was discovered on Thursday when a 48,000-gallon tank began leaking a compound called MCHM, which is used to wash coal of impurities. According to the report, exposure to MCHM can cause headaches, eye and skin problems, and difficulty breathing. Yikes! According to the president of the West Virginia American Water Company, the only solution is flushing the entire system, and they have no idea how long that might take.

As a result, the state of West Virginia has ordered residents to stop all activities that involve using water from the tap, even taking a bath or brushing your teeth. Even worse? Boiling water will not eliminate the risk.

Don't worry — as far as we know Leah, Jeremy, and the kiddos are fine, though we can't imagine caring for 4-year-old twins and an infant with no running water. Still, the Teen Mom 2 star is staying positive and even offering up her services to those in need.

"Anyone that needs help in anyway in my area and the surrounding areas, dont hesitate to contact Jeremy and I. We will help as much as we can," Leah tweeted.

Stay strong, girl! Our thoughts and prayers are with you and the residents of West Virginia.

Source: The New York Times

01.10.2014 / 12:00 AM EDT by Lindsay Dreyer
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