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Wetpaint Exclusive! Erica Rose Is Gunning for a Spot on Bachelor Pad 2

As it turns out, not everyone is regret-free after doing The Bachelor. We spoke with Erica Rose, the tiara-wearing faux-princess from Lorenzo Borghese’s season of The Bachelor, at a reunion and casting event for Bachelor Pad 2 in NYC on Saturday, January 29. She unloaded her dating drama on us... including a story about finding out a recent date was actually 60 years old! On top of that, she revealed a harsh comment she recently got from Lorenzo, and explained why she’s resorted to meeting men at the gas station. Yikes!

Wetpaint Exclusive! Erica Rose Is Gunning for a Spot on Bachelor Pad 2
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Wetpaint: Have you been watching Brad’s season?
Erica: Yes!

WP: Who do you like?
Erica: I like Chantal O.

WP: Right. I think she’s my favorite, too.
Erica: Me, too.

WP: You’re not an Emily fan?
Erica: I am an Emily fan, and I think she should be the next Bachelorette. I just don’t think she’s the perfect girl for Brad because they’re both very intense and serious, and he needs someone, like, more fun and playful, like Chantal.

WP: Interesting. I mean, Emily’s story is heartbreaking.
Erica: It’s heartbreaking, and she’d be perfect for being the Bacherlorette. I can’t believe she’s only 24 because she’s so mature and she’s gone through so much for someone that age.

WP: How has your dating life changed since being on the show?
Erica: It’s honestly gotten a lot worse.

WP: Are you serious?
Erica: Yeah. I was 23 when I did The Bachelor, I’m 27 now. Before then, I had no issues getting a date. I always had a boyfriend. Now I’m in law school, about to graduate, and ready to find someone, and guys are just threatened or intimidated or they don’t like what they’ve seen of me on the show. So I wish I could say it’s improved, but actually it’s been a curse, and my dating life is unfortunately a complete disaster.

WP: Wow. That’s stunning.
Erica: It’s really sad.

WP: So do you regret doing the show?
Erica: It’s weird because I don’t regret it because I feel like it’s been an important influence on my life. But I want to go on the Bachelor Pad to make things right and set the record straight in order for my life to come full circle and for me to be able to move forward. It’s necessary.

WP: Who do you keep in touch with from the show?
Erica: I keep in touch with all the girls from my season, basically. And I keep in touch with Lorenzo, who was the Bachelor from my season. He’s still single, which is no surprise, and the last time we hung out, he informed me that I’m getting old and I need to find someone immediately because soon guys are gonna think of me as too old.

WP: He’s a charmer.
Erica: He really is. [Laughs]

WP: I see you’re wearing your tiara.
Erica: I have my tiara line. It’s called — that’s my website. The line’s called T-Erica. And, I mean, I’m wearing it tonight, but I find it to be a guy-deterrent, so I often don’t wear it anymore.

WP: Where do you tend to meet guys?
Erica: Everywhere I go. I’ve, like, literally tried to meet them in the gas station recently.

WP: Have you really?
Erica: Oh, anytime I go somewhere, I’m putting myself out there and hoping to meet someone. And I’m attracting all the wrong people.

WP: Any recent horror stories?
Erica: Oh, yeah! I went out with this guy in my yoga class recently, who I didn’t know how old he was, and it turned out that he was 60. He invited me to be his date for his 60th birthday, so he’s older than my dad. So he was out of the question.

WP: But he was cute?
Erica: He was cute, but at the end of the day, he asked me to sleep with him, too, so I feel like guys at any age just are about sex. So it’s unfortunate. It’s not a good time in my dating life.

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