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Wetpaint Exclusive! Rozlyn Papa Doesn’t Regret Her Time on The Bachelor Season 14

You may not believe it, but Rozlyn Papa — though opinionated — is actually friendly and down-to-earth in person. (We swear!) We got a chance to talk to her at a Bachelor reunion and Bachelor Pad 2 casting event in NYC on Saturday, January 29.

She told us how her life has changed since getting kicked off of Jake Pavelka’s season for an alleged relationship with a producer, how long it’s been since she’s spoken to that producer, and — because this is Rozlyn we’re talking about — squeezed in a few harsh words about Jake for good measure.

Wetpaint Exclusive! Rozlyn Papa Doesn’t Regret Her Time on The Bachelor Season 14

Wetpaint: What’s your life been like since the show?
Rozlyn Papa: Chaos! It’s been chaos. Good and bad. It was a really fun experience, but obviously, it didn’t end well. And I think that enough time has gone by where everything’s healed a little bit, and I can look at it for what it is and just think of it as a life experience.

WP: It was crazy, right?
Rozlyn: It was really crazy, and it caught me off-guard.

WP: So was there any connection between you and Jake?
Roz: [She pauses.] No, but you know what? I told the producers that before I even went on the show. I said, “I’m not attracted to him. He’s not my type.” A little too produce-able for me. I like ‘em strong. [Laughs]

WP: Who are you dating these days?
Rozlyn: I was dating somebody for a while, and found out that he was seeing somebody else, so that was sort of heartbreaking.

WP: Was that a long relationship?
Rozlyn: It was. It was somebody that I started seeing right after the show, and so I kind of went through all that with him, and then found out that, you know? And that’s hard to go through. So it’s been a very tough year, but it’s also been a year of dusting myself off.

WP: Is dating harder or easier since the whole experience?
Rozlyn: I have more exposure to better men, I think. [Laughs] But it’s not necessarily easier or harder. I think that love in general is difficult.

WP: Do you have any contact with that producer anymore?
Rozlyn: I haven’t talked to him since all of that happened.

WP: Weird.
Rozlyn: I know. [Laughs]

WP: It was crazy because there were so many rumors about you. I remember writing a review of the sex tape that you supposedly did.
Rozlyn: How good was I?

WP: [Laughs.]
Rozlyn: [Laughs heartily.] I got skills. No.

WP: At the time, I was like, “I don’t think that’s her.”
Rozlyn: No! Well, I’m actually in the middle of a big lawsuit over it. So it was also a year of just really putting up a thick skin, and being like, “Things that people say are not true.”

WP: Do you watch Brad’s season?
Rozlyn: I don’t really watch that show. This is the first time I’ve ever watched it — the third episode of Brad’s season. It’s interesting. It’s like a train wreck — you can’t look away!

WP: If you had it to do over again, would you not have done the show?
Rozlyn: I don’t ever shy away from experiences or a challenge, so I don’t regret things that I’ve done that were maybe out of my comfort zone. So I don’t want to say I regret it. It was an experience. I’m proud of myself for making it through it.

WP: How else has life been like for you since that whole experience?
Rozlyn: I have met so many great people ‘cause I’ve done interviews with really amazing people. Big networks like E! or CBS. And so I’ve met all these really interesting people, and that has been a blast, and I wouldn’t have had that if I didn’t do the show.

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