Wetpaint VIP Frequently Asked Questions — You Asked, We Answered!
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Wetpaint VIP Frequently Asked Questions — You Asked, We Answered!

You're already a star in our minds, so why not be a Wetpaint VIP? You can rack up tons of points and redeem them for real rewards like music downloads — just for watching the videos you already love. Becoming a VIP is simple; all you need to do is log into Wetpaint.com with your Facebook account.

Hint: You may already be logged into Facebook, but you need to be logged into Wetpaint.com with Facebook.

Still have as many questions as Andy Cohen? Let us take a crack at answering 'em:

1. Help! Nothing happens when I click "Log In With Facebook."
Your mobile or desktop browser may be blocking popups. (We hear ya, sister — pop-ups can be annoying!) If this is the case, you might be missing the Facebook Connect pop-up screen that prompts you to log in. Search the web for your device or browser and "enable popups" if you aren't sure how to temporarily enable them so you can log in.

2. I'm already logged in, but I'm not earning points when I watch videos.
On a PC or laptop, click on the bottom left corner of your screen where it says "Hi [Your name]," then click Sign Out. Refresh the page and try logging in again. On a mobile device, point your browser to www.facebook.com and sign out of Facebook there, and you will be logged out of Wetpaint, as well.

Also, the videos that carry the points are the awesome ones Wetpaint produces. Check out the full listing here — rewards await!

3. I refreshed my login, but it's still not working.
If refreshing your login doesn’t work, try deleting the Wetpaint Entertainment app in your Facebook App settings. Don’t worry, you won’t lose anything — this is just temporary, so you can "reset" your Wetpaint account so you can log in!

First, log in to Facebook (by using Facebook's mobile/tablet app or by visiting the website). Then go to your Settings. Click on "Apps," and then find Wetpaint Entertainment. (You may need to click "Show All" to see it). Finally, click the "X" next to Wetpaint Entertainment to delete the app from your Facebook account.

Head back to Wetpaint.com and try logging in again.

4. I already "like" Wetpaint on Facebook. Does that make me a VIP?
Nope. While we love that you have fallen in "like" with us, you have to log in to Wetpaint.com through Facebook to start reaping the VIP benefits.

5. I tried everything, and I'm still having trouble.
If you are still unable to log in with Facebook on Wetpaint.com after trying the above steps, please feel free to contact us. When you contact us, it would be really helpful to know what kind of device you are using (PC, Mac, phone, tablet) along with the version or model and your browser (Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, etc.).

Now that you're successfully logged in, let the VIP treatment begin! Click here to see all of Wetpaint's points-earning videos. Also, sources say that you can download the FREE Viggle app for even more points you can redeem for real rewards. Just don't be surprised when fans start asking for your autograph, you VIP!

08.12.2014 / 12:00 AM EDT by Lindsay Dreyer
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