What Does Cynthia Bailey Call Peter Thomas’s Package? Hear the Hilarious Answer! (VIDEO)
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Cynthia Bailey

What Does Cynthia Bailey Call Peter Thomas’s Package? Hear the Hilarious Answer! (VIDEO)

Haven’t you always wanted to know the intimate details of Cynthia Bailey and Peter Thomas’s sex life? No? Well, they’re going to share it with ya anyway. And to be fair, these two are a lovely married couple. They took their romance to the Steve Harvey Show this week for a little Real Housewives couples competition, and Cynthia gave us a little insight into what exactly Peter is, ahem, working with.

The Bailey-Thomases joined RHoNY’s Kristen and Josh Taekman and RHOC’s Tamra Barney and Eddie Judge in a charity “Celebrity Anniversary Game” to see which couple knows each other best. Before the show, each pair of spouses was asked a personal question about the relationship, and their answers were then revealed on air.

Cynthia and Peter’s question didn’t start risque, but it sure went that way with the answers. When Steve asked the pair, “What will your husband say is his strongest muscle?” both parties had a sexually-charged response.

For Cyn, that would be his “willy” — yep, this supermodel calls her hubby’s package the same name as an orca whale… or what three-year-olds call the private part. No one seemed to bat an eyelash, however, and Peter unveiled his response: “tongue.” Oh lord.

“It’s really the combination,” Cynthia further expounds. Wow, you guys, are you blushing at your desks, like we are?

But hey, it was all in good fun — and for charity! Peter and Cynthia competed for the Sophie’s Voice Foundation, an organization supporting children with Spina Bifida. What a great cause!

What do you think of Cynthia’s choice of name for Peter, Jr.? Tell us in the comments below.

Source: Steve Harvey

Credit : Steve Harvey
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