What Color Is Glee Guest Star Demi Lovato’s Hair?
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What Color Is Glee Guest Star Demi Lovato’s Hair?

You’d think asking what color someone’s hair is would be a pretty simple question, but not so when it comes to Demi Lovato! This pop star’s hair has, at one point or another, been the same color as almost every flavor of Glee slushie. So what color is it currently? Why, that be pink!

The deceivingly simple question tripped up Viggle LIVE! users who clearly don’t track every follicle of Dems as closely as we do (wait, that’s weird?). The overwhelming majority of voters thought Demi’s hair was blue; 73 percent cast their vote for the darker color.

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She, of course, was blue (da ba dee da ba die) but that was back when she was filming Glee. TV shows, of course, often film weeks if not months in advance and Demi bid adieu to blue many moons ago. She’s currently on the road for her Neon Lights tour and perhaps to celebrate the change, Demi decided to mix up her hairdo and went for pink in late January.

That answer came in second with 14 percent of the vote, just one percentage point more than the third-place answer of purple (13 percent). Of course, at the rate this 21-year-old changes her hair color, we wouldn’t be surprised if she’s gone purple by the time we finish writing this sentence!

Track the hairstyles of stars as avidly as we do? Glad we’re not alone! Use that noggin (whatever color it may be) and get on Viggle! You can convert your pop culture know-how into real-life prizes.

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