The Bachelorette

What Did Bryden Vukasin Look Like In High School? (PHOTO)

Remember when Bryden Vukasin permanently blinded the mayor of Atlantic City by doing pelvic thrusts at him on The Bachelorette? It was amazing / traumatizing for all parties involved (including our eyeballs), and cemented Bryden's place as one of the sexiest contestants in the race to win Desiree Hartsock's hand in marriage.

This military man is all kinds of studly (especially when he's having an existential breakdown about love and whatever), but it seems like his bold ‘n beautiful good looks are a relatively recent development.

You see, Bryden was somewhat of a mega-nerd in high school. Which is the understatement of the century. Curious to see what he looked like? Click here and feast what remains of your eyes on his hunky teenage self!

Also two words: man bangs. Consider yourself warned.