What Did Chris Harrison Tell the First Bachelor — That He Ignored?!
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What Did Chris Harrison Tell the First Bachelor — That He Ignored?!

It’s been more than a decade since we started the magical fairy tale journey that is The Bachelor. Over the past 17 seasons, we’ve seen so many hunks hand out roses that our memory of original flower boy Alex Michel is hazy, but for host Chris Harrison, Season 1 feels like it was just yesterday.

“I’ll never forget the final day we were at the house in Malibu and [Alex] goes, ‘Chris, who do you think I should pick?’” the King of Dramatic Pauses reminisced on the June 17 episode of daytime talk show Katie. “I’m like, ‘Really? We’ve done all this and this is what it’s coming down to: a coin flip?’”

Honestly, a couple coin flips might really spice up The Bachelorette but that’s beside the point. In Alex’s case, Chris told him exactly who to pick.

“I thought Trista [Rehn] of course,” he dished Monday. “[There was] the chemistry and they seemed so perfect together and I knew her to be a great woman.”

Despite his grunt of affirmation, Alex confessed his love for contestant Amanda Marsh less than an hour later. Surprise, surprise the relationship didn’t last proving once and for all that you do not contradict Mr. Christopher Bryan Harrison in matters of the heart.

As for Season 1 runner-up Trista, she couldn’t be happier with how things worked out. As ABC is sure we’ll never forget, Trista’s one of the few contestants who got hitched after meeting firefighter beau Ryan Sutter as the first Bachelorette.

And what about Alex? Well, sounds like he’s no longer returning Chris’ phone calls.

“He’s kind of gone off to live his life,” the host explained, somehow holding back tears. “We do owe him a debt of gratitude. He kicked this whole thing off.”

Sure, that’s what we owe him.

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