What Do Men Think About The Bachelor Season 16? One Man’s Review of Episode 3
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The Bachelor

What Do Men Think About The Bachelor Season 16? One Man’s Review of Episode 3

When it comes to The Bachelor, both genders would clearly agree that there’s a whole lotta craziness going on. But what do guys notice about Ben Flajnik’s choices and actions that the rest of us might not? And would all guys act the way Ben is? We need a male perspective!

To figure out what guys think when they watch this show, we’ve asked a male to name the three things he noticed while watching the show this week (Episode 3), including how he would have handled Shawntel Newton’s surprise appearance, what he thought of Kacie Boguskie stealing Ben away on the group date, and the little signs that make it clear that Ben likes Courtney Robertson the most.

1. Skiing in bikinis — what’s not to like?

What Do Men Think About The Bachelor Season 16? One Man’s Review of Episode 3
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First off, how am I just now noticing that Casey Shteamer is hotter than a seatbelt buckle that’s been sitting in the sun all day? (Seriously — those things can hurt, people. Don’t kid yourselves.) And secondly, that skiing-in-bikinis date idea is the best idea ever. Like, ever. Remember when Roberto Benigni won the Oscar, and he was so overjoyed that he was jumping around on the seats and kissing everyone in sight? That’s how happy I was while watching this date.

Frankly, the only major drawback with a typical skiing date is that the girl has to wear so many freakin’ layers. So skiing in bikinis? That’s taking two things that are already solid and putting them together, sorta like those novelty hats that hold beer cans. (Beer? Awesome. Hats? Also awesome. But beer in hats? Yes, yes, a thousand times yes.) And how great was it to see Kacie sliding down the mountain ass-first? (Answer: Quite great.)

And while we’re on the topic, is it wrong to say that I kinda wanted to see Ben’s sister Julia in a bikini, too?

2. Ben made the 100% right call in sending Shawntel home.

What Do Men Think About The Bachelor Season 16? One Man’s Review of Episode 3
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Let’s face it: The only time a girl is that sure that you like her is if you guys had slept together. And sure, confidence is sexy in a girl, but a guy will make it painfully clear if he likes you, which Ben would have done when they first met. Plus, he’s got a bunch of girls in one place vying for his attention and who are ready to fight for his heart – or any other organ. What guy in his 20s is going to give that up for a *gulp* insta-relationship. He might be engaged at the end of this so... Ben’s going to be kissing as many girls as he can up until that point.

3. Emily’s Back-Pat of Death vs. Courtney’s Hands-on-Face Kiss

What Do Men Think About The Bachelor Season 16? One Man’s Review of Episode 3
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It’s telling that Ben keeps giving group-date roses to people who really put themselves out there and do not make him work for a kiss. Meanwhile, it seemed like it took about a year for him to kiss Jennifer (although it’s certainly not a bad sign that he tells her she’s the best kisser). Also, it makes sense that Kacie didn’t get the group rose, since her insecurity – and her need to pull Ben away from the group — is a major turn-off.

And let’s talk about Courtney, shall we? I was still on Team Courtney as of last week, but after this week, I have officially ripped up my membership card (and those membership cards are laminated, so they are not easy to rip). She’s obviously a crazy bi... unique individual, and her soft-spoken, “Who could ever like little ol’ me?” voice around Ben is so phony and grating that it makes the sound of someone’s fingernails on a chalkboard seem like gentle ocean waves by comparison. Asking if her looks are the only reason Courtney is still around is like asking someone if they like ice cream (which is the utterly ridiculous question that Ben asked Lindzi Cox).

However, Courtney remains the only woman that Ben has yet to kiss while putting both hands behind her head, which is what dudes do when they want to do more than kiss. Ben also cannot stop kissing Courtney’s face, even on the cheek, which he doesn’t do with anyone else. Compare that to his behavior around Emily O'Brien — who I am kinda-sorta in love with, FYI — as he patted her back in a paternal way following their kiss. That’s the kinda of pat that guys give to almost-empty ketchup bottles, not girls they’re falling for.

As for Blakeley, she seemed a little bit less crazy this week as she boobs boobs boobs boobs... Oh, sorry, what was I saying?

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