What Does Brienne Look Like Out of Character? (PHOTOS)
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Game of Thrones

What Does Brienne Look Like Out of Character? (PHOTOS)

Brienne of Tarth (Gwendoline Christie) is supposed to be an unfeminine and really just plain ugly woman, at least in the books. On Game of Thrones, the ugly part doesn't quite work out, but her short 'do, preference for armor, and aversion to makeup does make Brienne seem pretty un-girly, at least in relationship to the courtly women in long dresses and elaborate braids.

But what about in real life? What does Gwendoline Christie look like when the armor comes off, the dirt washes away, and she's allowed to dress up how she likes? As you can see above, the result is a drop dead gorgeous woman who doesn't look much like her on-screen counterpart.

In real life, Gwendoline is an impressive 6'3", and she admitted to having been bullied over her height growing up. She says that playing Brienne has been awesome because it's helped her work through some of that. "This is the part I always wanted to play but never knew existed. All the things I had wanted to cloak about myself, that I felt a little ashamed and embarrassed about, had been bullied for, these things had a place they could live in Brienne."

Prior to winning the world's heart as Brienne, Gwendoline also sometimes had a hard time getting cast because of her height. That doesn't seem to be a problem anymore; she's recently been given roles in both the Hunger Games and Star Wars franchises.

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