What Does Clare Crawley Think of Reaction to Her Late-Night Bachelor Swim? She Says…
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What Does Clare Crawley Think of Reaction to Her Late-Night Bachelor Swim? She Says…

At this very moment, The Bachelor Season 18's Clare Crawley may be rolling up her sleeves, squinting at her keyboard and preparing an emotional response to her motion in the ocean with Juan Pablo Galavis.

Everyone who watched the Vietnam episode came away with an opinion, including on how far the couple might’ve gone in the water. JPG just blogged that he's sorry to have agreed to the late-night swim, but Chris Harrison wrote that our Bachelor was borderline rude to Clare and needed to apologize.

But what's Clare's take, not only on what happened, but on everyone else's opinion on what happened? L.A. Times writer Amy Kaufman tweeted directly to Clare: "SO curious to hear what you have to say about all of the reaction to your episode. Weigh in!" Clare replied, "You will hear soon:)"

Dun dun DUN!

Amy wrote back, "yaaaaaaaaaas gurl. share your truth." A bunch of other fans also responded to the tweet with Team Clare support, including notes like "He didn't treat you right! You can do better than him....," "totally on your side, but I would've packed my bags as soon as he tried to place blame. You can do better than that," "You love with your [heart] You did what I would've done- Cheering for you girl! He had the choice to say no and why.....He didn't," and "he did you dirty! That was a #coward thing to say to u and I'm surprised U didn't give the rose baack!!! He sucks!"

So, once again, it's not that great a week to be JPG. But Clare is still in this and she and Juan Papa Bear are going to talk through what happened this coming week on Episode 6 in New Zealand. Who knows, maybe it ends up bringing them closer together.

Are you curious to hear Clare’s response to the episode? Do you think she’ll clarify exactly what went on in the ocean or keep that private?

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02.5.2014 / 12:00 AM EDT by Gina Carbone
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