What Does Lea Michele Sing in the Shower?
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What Does Lea Michele Sing in the Shower?

Just about every character on Glee sings in the shower especially the dudes so it’s no surprise to learn that the stars do, too. But the question remains: Which songs do they sing when they’re getting all sudsy?

Lea Michele (Rachel) was asked that very question by a fan on Twitter on May 17, and her answer doesn’t come as too big of shock. Lea responded:

So that’s how Lea sounded so amazing for her “Rolling in the Deep” duet with Jesse (Jonathan Groff) during Glee Season 2 she’s been practicing in her bathroom!

Another fan asked Lea what she does first when she wakes up in the morning, and Lea said, “Make coffee!” Again, this shouldn’t be a big surprise to anyone who follows her on Twitter, as Lea frequently gushes about how much she enjoys the caffeinated beverage.

Someone else wanted to know what her forthcoming album will sound like:

We would expect nothing less, given that Lea had previously said her album would make us all dance around in our underwear. (Uh, doesn’t everyone already do that to every album ever made? Or is that just us?) And we’re guessing Lea doesn’t mean the band fun., given that she used all caps.

Among other tidbits Lea revealed during this recent Twitter Q&A were that her favorite food is “NYC pizza”
without the cheese, we’re assuming and her current fave song is “Neon Lights” by Demi Lovato. The Lea-Demi love-fest continues!

Lea Michele on Twitter

05.21.2013 / 12:00 AM EDT by Ryan Gajewski
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