What Exactly Does RHoA Star Dwight Eubanks Do For a Living?
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What Exactly Does RHoA Star Dwight Eubanks Do For a Living?

It hasn’t been Dwight Eubanks’s week. The sometimes Real Housewives of Atlanta star — and Phaedra Parks’s unofficial party planner — was arrested a few days ago, after being pulled over with an expired license. And apparently, that’s the second time that the “unofficial Housewife” has been charged with that crime. This got us thinking, as we realized we didn’t know too much about Dwight — beyond the fact that he has a face that doesn’t age and a flare for throwing over-the-top parties. So who is Dwight Eubanks, and what does he do?

Well first, it might surprise you to know that Dwight is not actually a party planner for a living. The reality co-star is just close friends with Phaedra, which is why he’s thrown soirees for her sons, Ayden and Mr. President. In fact, Dwight is an entrepreneur with a popular chain of “elite” salons in the Atlanta area.

Another surprising fact? PhaePhae’s sidekick was doing makeup and hair on film and TV sets in the Atlanta area for many years prior to stepping in front of the camera himself. Not too shabby, if you ask us!

So how did Dwight get involved with the megahit Bravo reality show? Recurring first season star Carla Mouse was seen getting her hair styled at his salon, and, as he says, “the rest is history!” Not what we would have guessed, but whatevs!

Now, there were rumors not that long ago that Dwight may have come under some hard times financially. The gossip was listed under a “blind item,” though it was pretty clear who it was directed at:

"There’s one ex ‘housewife’ who has been having a bit of financial difficulty lately and has had to utilize a few high-interest loans for quick cash to pay his bills," the report said, adding, "Sad thing is… when you do ‘title loans’ and miss a payment, your car suffers the consequences!"

Eek! Now, this was back in fall 2013, so hopefully Dwight has found himself in a better place since then — his recent arrest, notwithstanding. Now Bravo, time to get this guy back on the show! The drama he brings is too good to pass up, and he could probably use it right about now.

Are you surprised by Dwight’s real career? And what do you think of his arrest? Tell us in the comments below.

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