What To Expect in True Blood Season 6, Episode 3: “You’re No Good”
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What To Expect in True Blood Season 6, Episode 3: “You’re No Good”

True Blood Season 6, Episode 2 had us on the edge of our seats, especially watching Bill’s (Stephen Moyer) terrifying premonition about our favorite vamps meeting the true death in what looks like a vampire concentration camp.

After an action-packed episode that brought us a fairy godfather, a sexy half-fairy hunk, and Eric’s (Alexander Skarsgard) amazing undercover scene, what does True Blood Season 6, Episode 3 hold for viewers? Here’s a rundown of what Trubies can expect to see next.

1. Bill Goes to Dangerous Lengths to Test His Powers

We can understand how surviving a staking, learning you can move object with your mind, and having visions of the future could make a vampire kind of cocky. Bill is indeed much more powerful than even he himself knows, but he’ll go to dangerous lengths to test the boundaries of what Lilith has instilled in him.

2. Steve and Sarah Newlin (Unhappily) Reunite

Last time we saw Steve Newiln (Michael McMillian), he had become the unlikely spokesperson of the American Vampire League — that is until Luna decided to impersonate him on live TV. In True Blood Season 6, Episode 3, Steve will come face to face estranged wife Sarah Newlin (played by the lovely Anna Camp) under surprising circumstances, and fans will get a sense of what really happened between the former power couple.

3. Eric Gets Cozy With the Governor’s Daughter

We got a shiver of excitement when Eric (Alexander Skarsgard) pulled a classic True Blood vamp move by appearing seductively outside of Willa Burrell’s window, urging her to invite him into her bedroom. Things will get a little tense between the two when Eric takes Willa hostage and daddy’s little girl admits to being a bit of a fang banger.

4. Bill Needs Sookie’s Help — But Will She Cooperate?

Another perk Bill can add to his list of special Billith powers is the ability to sidestep that pesky invitation crap most vampires and bound by when entering a home. Bill pays Sookie a visit and doesn’t exactly ask politely before dropping in. He wants her help, but she’s still convinced he’s a monster. Let’s just say their conversation involves a lot of yelling and broken plates.

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