What Happened to Aiden Mathis In Revenge Season 2?
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What Happened to Aiden Mathis In Revenge Season 2?

Aiden Mathis sashayed his way onto Revenge when he saved Emily Thorne from drowning in Japan, and in the words of Enrique Iglasias, he can be our hero, baby.

We hardly knew anything about Aiden and his sexy accent until he showed up at Emily's bungalow all "SURPRISE!" and killed the White-Haired Man, but it turns out that he and Em fell in love at Takeda's Revenge Camp –– until Aiden up and ditched Em to find his long-lost sister, Colleen. Bros before sista-hos, Aiden.

So, what's this dude doing in the Hamptons? Apparently Aiden wanted to reunite with Emily, and after landing a job at Grayson Global, he made it his mission to find the location of her deranged mom, Kara Wallace Clarke. Thanks to Aiden, Emily was able to reunite with her mother dearest (who is certifiably insane, by the way), but this James Bond impersonator definitely had his own agenda.

Turns out Aiden's dad unintentionally planted the bomb on Flight 197, and The Initiative abducted Colleen in the aftermath. Naturally, Aiden wanted nothing more than to find his sis, so he got in touch with Helen Crowley and learned that Colleen was still alive –– the catch? Aiden had to kill Victoria Grayson if he wanted to see her again! Naturally, Emily didn't let Aiden go through with his murderous plan, and thank goodness, because Colleen had already been off'd by The Initiative. Better luck next time, Aiden!

In other news, Aiden and Emily started dating again, but then staged an elaborate public breakup so she could reunite with Daniel. Poor Aiden was consumed with jealousy for the rest of the season, and then ended up going cray-cray and killing Takeda in the hopes that it would inspire Emily to run away with him.

Um, not so much. Instead, Emily was just like "OFF WITH YOUR HEAD" and kicked Aiden out of the Hamptons after he was framed by The Initiative (aka Conrad Grayson) for being a terrorist and blowing up Grayson Global. See you never, buddy.

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