What Happened to Ashley Davenport in Revenge Season 2?
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What Happened to Ashley Davenport in Revenge Season 2?

No one quite gets the short end of the stick like Revenge’s Ashley Davenport. Homegirl went from dating Daniel Grayson, the Hamptons' hottest heir, to being booted off the hit show before Season 3 all in the course of one season! Sometimes life, and Prada pencil skirts, just aren’t fair.

But before the character was unceremoniously cut from her revengey existence, she had quite the story in Season 2. During the premiere, Ash upgraded from party planner to Daniel Grayson’s date.

The poet needed a rebound after Ems stomped on his heart by making out with Jack Porter and Ash was perfectly happy to step in. The two continued their love affair until footage of Conrad and Ash making whoopie on the Grayson Global desks was leaked to Victoria.

Vicki wasn’t too upset that her formerly philandering hubby was at it once again, but she wasn’t about to have her son played. She threatened Ash with the video, promising to show it to Daniel if the party planner didn’t use her womanly ways to seduce a major Grayson Global board member in order to get him to do Vicki’s bidding.

Unfortunately, Mrs. Grayson’s master plan didn’t quite go the way she envisioned it when Aiden Mathis tipped off Danny and he burst in on Ash clad only in a hotel bathrobe and snapped blackmail photos of the board member so he would vote in Daniel’s favor. Hmmm, so the Grayson out-Graysons his parents!

What Happened to Ashley Davenport in Revenge Season 2?
Credit: Colleen Hayes/ABC Television Group © 2012 Disney    

Ashley was banished from Grayson Manor, but not before we flash back to her scandalous past as an almost-hooker! That’s right, back in 2006 Ms. Davenport found out quickly that an art history major was no match for this risky economy and decided that prostituting herself was the only answer.

She had her “tryout” at a bar where Aiden Mathis had planted himself to kill the man Ash was supposed to hook up with (yikes!). Luckily, Emily Thorne steps in, hands her a casual wad of cash and Ms. Davenport escaped that world to become the scheming party planner we all love to hate.

Her banishment from Grayson Manor didn’t last long. The British mistress managed to weasel her way into Conrad’s employment once more as he prepared to announce his gubernatorial run. She managed his campaign, even coming up with the idea to incorporate Jack Porter as the “Joe the Plumber” face to Conrad’s million-dollar run.

But her loyalty wavered when she discovered that her boss was partially responsible for Amanda Clarke’s death and Jack Porter’s injuries. So when Jack asked her to team up, she agreed. In the epic Season 2 finale, Emily tells Ashley not to let Conrad take the stage since Jack’s a gun-toting madman. But after she discovers how truly evil her boss is, she practically pushes him on stage with a smile and a good luck!

And sadly that could be the last we ever hear from Ashley Davenport. Actress Ashley Madekwe has confirmed that she is not being asked back for Season 3 of the show, but claims that she will play out her character’s exit.

What are your thoughts on her character’s Season 2 storyline? Complete or in need of an ending? Tell us below!

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