What Happened To Eric in True Blood Season 6 Finale? Deborah Ann Woll Has “No Idea”
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What Happened To Eric in True Blood Season 6 Finale? Deborah Ann Woll Has “No Idea”

When it comes to True Blood or any other show for that matter, the actors seem to be privy to about as much information as the viewers are with regards as to what the show holds in store for them. In fact, Deborah Ann Woll, who plays sexy ginger vamp Jessica, even thought she was going to die during Season 6, and so did we when she was looking down the barrel of Sheriff Andy Bellefleur’s gun.

But Jess is still alive and well, which may be more than we can say for her fellow vamp, Eric Northman. Much to the dismay of all of us Truebies, Deb wasn’t able to shed any more light on Eric’s future, or anything else for that matter.

Deborah Ann tweeted the following in response to questions from the fans last night:

.@Manjarez @litus21 i know nothing about season 7. right now I'm as much in the dark as you guys are :-).”

Sigh we really want to know whether or not Eric will be back next season. If we had to guess, however, we’d have to say he’s bound to return. Would True Blood really have dedicated so little time to the passing of such a major character? We think not. Most likely, we’ll find out that Pam saved her maker in the nick of time.

As for what we do know about next season, showrunner Brian Buckner said Truebies can expect the show to go back to its roots, ditching the convoluted storylines in favor of shedding more light on a group of people (and other supernatural beings) from Bon Temps. As he put it, “We're going to condense the number of stories we're telling and make it feel like we're coming home.”

Do you hope Eric will return for Season 7? Share your thoughts below!

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