What Happened To Jack Porter During Revenge Season 2?
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What Happened To Jack Porter During Revenge Season 2?

A better question would be what didn't happen to Jack Porter during Revenge Season 2? Did he go crazy? Yes, yes he did. Did he start wearing thick-frame glasses despite not having a perscription? Why yes, that would be accurate. Did all his loved ones up and die on him? YES, GUYS. YES.

Poor Jack started Revenge's second season on a high note. By which we mean a low note. This wayward grifter didn't exactly react well to Fauxmanda's surprise pregnancy, and he even broke up with her despite the fact that she was, you know, eight months pregnant with his seaman spawn. Luckily these two got back together in time for Amanda to fall off a balcony and go into labor, giving birth to the glorious bundle of joy that is Baby Carl David. Sounds like everyone got their happy ending, right? Wrong. So, so wrong.

What Happened To Jack Porter During Revenge Season 2?
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You see, Declan up and became a jewelry mule, which lead Montauk mafia's resident brothers, Kenny and Nate Ryan, to swaggar over to The Stowaway and try to con Jack into selling it. As we know, Jack is extremely gullible (that's putting it nicely), and willingly accepted Nate and Kenny into the business in order to pay off Declan's debts. Of course, little did Jack know that Nate and Kenny were using The Stowaway as a front for their illegal drug smuggling!

Jack eventually found out the truth about Nate and Kenny, but unfortunately he was arrested for drug smuggling and ended up in jail (insert LOLs here). Jack's incarceration prompted Fauxmanda to ask Conrad for help, and he settled Jack's bail with no problem. But the bad news? Nate Ryan convinced Connie to switch sides so they could rule Montauk's ever-popular wharfs together! Noooooo!

What Happened To Jack Porter During Revenge Season 2?
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Meanwhile, Jack and Amanda got married in a hilarious beach wedding, and then hopped on The Amanda for their honeymoon. Unfortunately, Jack ended up getting shot in the side by Nate (who was hired to kill Amanda), meanwhile Mandy up and exploded in a freak boat fire. So yeah, Jack is short approximately one wife.

Jack spent the rest of the season being super sad, and eventually launched his very own Revengenda against the Graysons. His master plan? Dude joined Conrad's gubernatorial campaign and teamed up with Ashley to take the Graysons down from the inside. Naturally, Conrad found out about the scheme, and arranged for Jack to head over to Grayson Global at the exact moment it blew up.

Jack escaped with his life, but Declan? Not so much. Tragically, Jack's brother bit the dust, which means Jack is officially all alone in the world. Oh, and Emily told Jack that she's actually Amanda Clarke, which means boyfriend will probably start next season in a psych ward after suffering a mental breakdown.

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