What Happened to Justin Bieber’s Monkey? 3 Weird Fan Questions, Answered

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Whatever Happened to Justin Bieber's Monkey?

What Happened to Justin Bieber’s Monkey? 3 Weird Fan Questions, Answered
Credit: Justin Bieber on Instagram    

Remember Mally? He's the capuchin monkey Justin Bieber got as a 19th birthday present earlier this year that was confiscated by German officials at customs. After no response from Justin's camp — besides asking if they would euthanize the monkey if they didn't respond — Mally was transferred to a shelter in Germany, and then into a permanent home at Serengeti Park in Hodenhagen, which has a family of capuchins already.

We have an update from the park if you want more details! We also have photos. Adorable monkey photos.

Here's what reps from the park had to say:

In the beginning he had to stay in quarantine for 30 days. After that he could leave the quarantine station and move to his new home, a monkey island. This island is now called Mally-bu, an idea of one of our Facebook friends.

After some weeks of getting used to the new house and the island, the female member of our capuchin monkey family moved also to the island. In the beginning they could only see each other, but not touch. After some days we opened the cages and the could come together. Of course it took some time to get them used to each other. This procedure was repeated with the male members of the family.

Today all of them are together on the island and in the house and everything works very well. Mally starts [to be] a teenager and is going to get [to be] a real monkey after being completely focused on human beings.

You can see a video of Mally here, or peek at some adorable photos below!

By the way, Justin owes the German government around $1,500 for Mally's care.

Are Ryan Gosling and Avril Lavigne Related?

Ryan Gosling, Avril Lavigne, and Justin Bieber are all related! But they're not related too closely. According to ancestry.com, all these Canadian celebs are descended from Quebec's earliest settlers.

Don't get freaked out yet, though! Per Ancestry.com's chart, Ryan and Avril are Justin's 11th cousin once removed and 12th cousin, respectively. Ryan and Avril are a little more closely related, but still pretty distant; they appear to share a great-great-great-great-great-great grandmother, making them 7th cousins.

Why Is Ben Affleck Replacing Christian Bale?

What Happened to Justin Bieber’s Monkey? 3 Weird Fan Questions, Answered
Credit: Warner Bros. Pictures/DC Entertainment    

While it seems unlikely that Christian Bale will do another film in the Dark Knight franchise, Ben Affleck was cast alongside Henry Cavill in Zack Snyder's Man of Steel sequel, so it's not a direct replacement. Warner Brothers apparently tried for some consistency at first, and reportedly offered Christian a cool $50 mil, but that report is credited to a $3 eBook.

The short answer: This is a different franchise, and Batman has lived through a ton of different actors and characters wearing the batsuit (including, arguably, Boy Meets World's Will Friedle). Nothing's set in stone yet.

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