What Happened to Michael Garofola’s Thumb? Exclusive
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The Bachelorette

What Happened to Michael Garofola’s Thumb? Exclusive

We couldn’t help but notice these last couple weeks that Bachelorette Season 9 Contestant Michael Garofola seems to be down a digit. Namely, homeskillz has had his left thumb all splinted up, and was keeping it out of the water pretty fervently while hot tub boating with Desiree Hartsock and Ben Scott in Germany. Meaning, while we were hoping Ben and Michael’s verbal tousle would end in a thumb wrestling match, we were sorely disappointed.

So, what happened? Well, a show insider tells Wetpaint Entertainment that during the dodgeball date in Los Angeles, Brooks Forester wasn’t the only guy who sustained an injury. “In the first play of the game, Michael and Zack Kalter were both diving for the ball, and it didn’t end well for Mike,” we’re told.

“He didn’t go off in an ambulance like Brooks, but he kept playing on and probably shouldn’t have. The next day, his thumb was all bloated and swollen and bruised, so he went to the doctor.” YIKES! Love really is a battlefield. And it sounds like though Brooks was the one who got the zoom-in love care from Des, Michael, and his thumb — which, it turns out, was fractured in two places — should have gotten some fast attention.

Funny how a playground game led to so many injuries while the group date guys’ trip down a black diamond-level ski run on a sled didn’t cause so much as a frozen toe (sorry Tierra).