What Happened on Grey’s Anatomy Season 1?
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Grey's Anatomy

What Happened on Grey’s Anatomy Season 1?

Grey's Anatomy was once the little mid-season replacement that really could. The show burst onto the TV scene in March 2005, and has been going strong ever since. Now that we're eight seasons in, we realize not everyone remembers the details of what came before — only the most devoted fans have their Grey's DVD collections memorized front to back. We understand, and we're here to help. So, if you need a quick refresher on what went down during Season 1, this is the place to be.

    There were two especially notable medical cases this season. In the first, a woman had a 60-pound, beach-ball-sized tumor (sadly but not shockingly, she did not survive the surgery). In the second, a man seemed to be pregnant, but it turned out to just be a giant mass of cells. Grey's Anatomy: Freaking us out about our bodies since day one.

    This being Season 1, we were introduced to the entire core cast. Meredith Grey (Ellen Pompeo), Cristina Yang (Sandra Oh), Alex Karev (Justin Chambers), Izzie Stevens (Katherine Heigl), and George O'Malley (T.R. Knight) were but wee interns, overseen by overlord then-resident Bailey (Chanda Wilson). Richard Webber (James Pickens Jr.) was Chief, and Derek Shepherd (Patrick Dempsey) and Preston Burke (Isaiah Washington) were the main docs of the season.

    Notable guest characters included Ellis Grey (Kate Burton) as Meredith's mom, nurse Olivia Harper (Sarah Utterback), and Addison Montgomery (Kate Walsh), Derek's wife.

    MerDer forever? Meredith and Derek were meant to be from the series’ pilot episode, when they had a one-night stand that turned into something much more after they realized he was going to be her new boss. Whoops. They carried on a secret, passionate relationship that seemed to be going well — until the finale, when Meredith found out that Derek was still married to Addison. Once again: whoops!

    Cristina and Burke: Meredith wasn't the only one getting it on with an older doc. Cristina and Burke hooked up, but Cristina refused to define their relationship. At the end of the season, she realized she's pregnant and, wanting nothing to do with a baby, scheduled an abortion.

    Izzie's breakup: Izzie's hockey-playing boyfriend couldn't deal with her career as a female doctor, and they broke up. Sad times. Meanwhile, she became BFFs with George, while Alex humiliated her by bringing to light her past as a lingerie model. Really nice work, Alex.

    George's Crush: George developed a major crush on Meredith. He also slept with Nurse Olivia, who gave him syphilis. Awkward.

    Other notable developments:

    What Happened on Grey’s Anatomy Season 1?
    Credit: Eric McCandless/ABC Television Group © 2010 Disney    
    • Meredith and Cristina immediately bonded, fought, and then bonded again, becoming the twisted sister BFFs we still know and love today.
    • Burke and Derek had an ongoing power struggle in the hospital.
    • George was generally insecure, and earned himself the nickname "007" after several of his patients died.
    • Izzie spent a lot of time dealing with the stigma of being a former semi-nude model, while Alex spent a lot of time being a jerk.

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