What Happened to Amanda Clarke in Revenge Season 1?
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What Happened to Amanda Clarke in Revenge Season 1?

Until the seventh episode of Revenge, we thought Amanda Clarke was just Emily Thorne’s former identity whose father she was trying to avenge. But when the Grayson’s slightly-psychotic head of security, Frank Stevens, went snooping, he uncovered a new side to the story.

Frank happened upon a strip club where a curly-haired pole dancer went by the name Amanda Clarke and was willing to take his Benjamin Franklins in exchange for some info. But before Frank had the chance to share that information with Victoria Grayson, Fauxmanda introduced the back of his head to her heavy shovel.

She quickly rushed to Emily Thorne’s beach house, and Ems was forced to makes some revisions to her revengenda. Originally, Amanda was headed to Paris with a new passport and wads of cash, but this juvie alum just couldn’t get enough Hamptons action.

Amanda ditched the flight and came back to spend some more quality time with Jack Porter. She revealed her “true” identity to Jack and the two immediately started dating. Emily was clearly P.O.’d, but there wasn’t much she could do without revealing her secrets.

But Fauxmanda’s presence did give Ems the opportunity to watch the reactions of Victoria Grayson and reporter Mason Treadwell when the little girl they betrayed resurfaced. She used Amanda to help enact her vengeance without actually telling the pawn what game she was playing.

Eventually the truth came out and Amanda promised to help Emily. But the rivalry between the girls became a problem when it came to the easily-influenced Jack Porter. Obviously, we all rejoiced when Fauxmanda was forced to skip town following Tyler’s murder on the beach.

No one knows what happened to her once she got in Takeda’s sports car, but she returned in a big way for the finale. As Emily was coming to the Stowaway to reveal the truth behind her identity to Jack, Amanda walked around the corner sporting a major baby bump.

As we proceeded to throw up, she told Ems that she was back to raise a child with Jack. We now know that she’s giving birth to a baby boy and having a salacious baby shower, but there’s still no confirmation that this spawn belongs to Jack.

Actress Margarita Levieva has officially signed on as a series regular in Season 2, so we are set to “enjoy” plenty of stretch marks and trashy clothing this fall.

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