What Happened to Ashley Davenport in Revenge Season 1?
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What Happened to Ashley Davenport in Revenge Season 1?

The first season of Revenge was filled with betrayal, drama, and fabulous Hamptons parties, and the mastermind behind these glamorous soirees was party planner and ladder climber Ashley Davenport.

Ash introduced Emily Thorne to Queen Victoria Grayson in the show’s pilot and stood by Em’s side until bad boy Tyler Barrol hit the scene. Tyler convinced Ash that the wealthy are the enemy and will always look down on her, which put a real wrench in her relationship with her blonde bestie.

Even after Tyler was murdered, there still seemed to be a wall between Ashley and the rest of the Hamptons. Though she claimed to be troubled by the notion that Daniel Grayson wouldn’t be named responsible for the murder, she still served as the Grayson’s PR spokesgal throughout the case.

Conrad Grayson recognized that Ashley was willing to do what it took to make it to the top and enlisted her into the Grayson Global army as one of his assistants. She was quick to make nice with Danny, but it’s clear that this former party planner doesn’t care who is in her bed — as long as he helps her secure elite Hamptons status.

In the Season 1 finale, Ash officially stabbed Emily in the back when she told Daniel about Em and Jack Porter’s sexy makeout sesh. This ended the “royal” engagement and freed up the Grayson heir for some play. And we all know Ash is ready to fill the void that Emily left behind come Season 2!

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