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What Happened to Brad Womack in The Bachelor Season 11?

Brad Womack became the most hated Bachelor of all time when he didn’t pick anyone at the end of The Bachelor Season 11 in 2007.

Check out our quickie episode-by-episode recap of Season 11.

What Happened to Brad Womack in The Bachelor Season 11?
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In a typical Bachelor finale, the guy dumps the girl who arrives in the first limo and either proposes to the second girl or just agrees to date her and see where it goes. Brad led Season 11 contestant DeAnna Pappas to believe she was the one he would choose in the end. He told her the finale would be “a good day.”

DeAnna was indeed the girl in the second limo — after runner-up Jenni Croft — but instead of proposing to DeAnna, Brad told her he couldn’t look her in the eye and tell her that he loved her. Instead, he had to say goodbye.

Bachelor viewers were shocked. No one had ever done this before. He was vilified as “The most hated Bachelor ever.” Even Ellen DeGeneres called Brad a “jerk.”

There were rumors that Brad was still in contact with ex-girlfriend Laurel Kagay while on the show. That’s the same Laurel who was accused of being Wes Hayden’s secret girlfriend while he was on The Bachelorette Season 5.

There were also whisperings that Brad’s favorite from Season 11 was his third-place contestant, Bettina Bell. On the hometown date, her father was so anti-Brad, Brad decided it wouldn’t work out and supposedly gave up on the season as a whole.

DeAnna Pappas went on to be the Season 4 Bachelorette and spent a lot of her season comparing guys to Brad, with Brad as the example of how not to act.

After DeAnna’s own bad breakup with Bachelorette winner Jesse Csincsak, she made up with Brad and even said she wished she had done what he did at the end of her season.

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