What Happened to Victoria Grayson In Revenge Season 2?
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What Happened to Victoria Grayson In Revenge Season 2?

Victoria Grayson spent most of Revenge's second season doing what she does best: throwing parties, looking fierce, accidentally pushing pregnant women off balconies, and side-eying Emily Thorne. Of course, we can't forget that Victoria started the season dead, but just kidding! Girlfriend was simply holed up in the Catskills like a boss.

Naturally, Victoria made her triumphant return to the Hamptons and claimed she was kidnapped by the White-Haired Man, but then? Then everything spiraled completely out of control –– much like our love for Declan. First, Victoria was treated to a surprise visit from Em's unhinged mom, Kara Wallace Clarke, who held her up at gunpoint (sigh, what else is new?), then poor Victoria was almost killed by Aiden thanks to The Initiative putting a target on her head, and finally she was just like "ugh, everyone stop trying to off me" and murdered The Initiative's head honcho, Helen Crowley. No biggie.

Once Helen's was out of the way, Victoria spent most of her time bonding with Conrad about their shady past as terrorists (they even renewed their vows in an effort to maintain a united front!), but our queen had a few key story arcs of her very own. Not only did we learn that Baby V was abandoned as a teenager, we learned that she was raped by her mom's perverted boyfriend and became pregnant with a son named Patrick. Victoria gave up Patrick in his infancy so she could study in Paris, but his identity was revealed during Conrad's gubernatorial campaign, and as of the Season 2 finale, boyfriend was standing on Victoria's doorstep!

Who knows what's going to go down next season, but somewhere, Daniel Grayson is crying.

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