The Vampire Diaries Burning Question: What Happens to Bonnie If the Other Side Falls Apart?
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The Vampire Diaries

The Vampire Diaries Burning Question: What Happens to Bonnie If the Other Side Falls Apart?

With the disintegration of the supernatural purgatory known as the Other Side, comes one pressing question: What happens to Vampire Diarieswitch-turned-anchor Bonnie (Kat Graham)? As the person who holds the Other Side in place, she exists partially in the land of the living and partially in the land of the dead. When the latter disappears (or at least the relevant manifestation of it), will Bonnie go with it? We speculate on Bonnie’s uncertain fate below.

She’ll die and cross over. There are many reasons why we think Bonnie might end up a goner after the Other Side disappears. One of them is meta: executive producer Julie Plec teased that there would be major deaths this season, and Bonnie seems a likely possibility. The second reason is that, before all of this started, Bonnie was dead. This doesn’t bode well for the former witch because, even if the disintegration of the Other Side reverts her to her former state, that state is dead. Lucky for Bonnie, it seems like there are other places to be dead besides the Other Side. But she probably shouldn’t follow Katherine, though.

She’ll go with the Other Side. A fate perhaps even worse than death is disintegration. Now, TVD hasn’t spent a lot of time explaining its afterlife mythology, but we know from Katherine’s descent into hell that other realms exist. If Bonnie dies, she’ll hopefully get picked up by the good one. However, there could be a chance that Bonnie will just disintegrate with the Other Side, or get pulled into whatever vacuum it’s getting pulled into. We hope this doesn’t happen. Not necessarily because it would be oh-so-sad, but because it doesn’t mean anything to us — at least not yet. One of the problems with this season is that we’re asked to accept the existence of the Other Side enough to have it used as a frequent plot device, but the show has done very little to explain what how the Other Side even works, despite the fact that Bonnie was hanging there full-time for the first quarter of the season. This lack of explanation is proving a larger problem as TVD ups the importance of the Other Side as the season ends. If it ties in with Bonnie’s maybe-death, we’re going to disappointed. She deserves better.

Her friends will save her. On the other hand, Bonnie has a gaggle of supernatural friends who die with these kinds of dilemmas all of the time. Heck, they were the ones who managed to cheat death by turning Ghost Bonnie into Anchor Bonnie. Will they manage to do it again? Possibly, especially considering that they have the last two doppelgangers on their side, which apparently means something. All else fails, Stefan and Elena can use themselves as bargaining chips for the Travelers’ help in ensuring Bonnie survive the destruction of the Other Side. Also, maybe she just lives! It’s hard to tell with this mythology.

What do you think will happen to Bonnie if the Other Side falls apart? Share your theories in the comments below!

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