What Happens to Daryl and Merle Dixon? The Walking Dead Season 3 Spoilers on Episode 9
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What Happens to Daryl and Merle Dixon? The Walking Dead Season 3 Spoilers on Episode 9

Don’t worry — the cliffhanger won’t last too long. The Walking Dead Season 3, Episode 8 left us with question marks all over the place, especially for Daryl Dixon (Norman Reedus) and his brother Merle Dixon (Michael Rooker) who were left in the tight spot of the Woodbury gladiator pits, as the citizens cried for their deaths.

Showrunner Glen Mazzara told The Hollywood Reporter there won’t be a time jump or anything, when the show returns on February 10, 2013, with Episode 9, “The Suicide King.” “People will come back and be very satisfied,” Mazzara said. “They're going to get answers to their questions.”

How about the question of how both Merle and Daryl can get out of the Zombie Fight Club pit alive.

“It certainly seems like an inescapable situation, right?” Executive Producer Robert Kirkman teased. “There are people all around them; they're facing each other; the Governor is calling for their death. I'm really happy that we're ending the midseason finale with that." He's happy to be torturing us! "Daryl's capture is a huge part of what we're going to be dealing with immediately when we come back," Kirkman added. "What Rick is going to do to try and remedy that situation, assuming Daryl survives the conflict. That's certainly problem No. 1 on the horizon when we come back: What's going to happen with Daryl and how is Rick going to handle it situation? I'm very sorry that people are going to have to wait a few months but it's going to be worth the wait. I can't wait for people to find out what happens with the rest of Season 3."

What Happens to Daryl and Merle Dixon? The Walking Dead Season 3 Spoilers on Episode 9
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Mazzara continued on The Dixon Bros. death/life front: “The question is not only can they make it out alive but then where do they go? What happens when Merle and Daryl are reunited and where do they go? How can Merle ever try to fit in at the prison? What is the pressure he would put on Daryl? So there's a lot of interesting story to be told.”

That’s true, since Rick (Andrew Lincoln) is the one who chained up Merle back on Season 1 when Merle was going racist d-bag on T-Dog. That directly led to Merle losing his hand. Daryl is now Rick’s #2 guy, and Merle is not likely to forgive and forget anything with Rick. Not to mention Glenn (Steven Yeun) and Maggie (Lauren Cohan) not forgiving Merle for their abduction and torture in Woodbury.

Could the brothers possibly work together after all that’s happened? “That's the real question: These guys are brothers, is that bond stronger than everything that they've lived through since the zombie apocalypse?” Kirkman continued to THR. “Is that going to come back or are these things going to remain between them? Are they going to face each other? There's certainly a good chance that they'll work together. We've seen that Merle and Daryl are both extremely unpredictable characters.”

It does sound like they make it out of the pits alive, especially since the promo for the next episode shows Daryl running through the forest. (Watch that video below.) Is he on his way to Woodbury? If so, where’s Merle? Both Norman Reedus and Michael Rooker were spotted filming on the Georgia set up until fairly recently, with Norman around for the full Season 3 finale. So that leads us to believe at least one Dixon boy will see Season 4.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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I want Glenn to beat the crap out of Merle!

I want Merle and Daryl to work together!

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