The Walking Dead: What If Axel Had Lived? Lew Temple Imagines Future
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The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead: What If Axel Had Lived? Lew Temple Imagines Future

Mustache Man, we hardly knew ye! Axel (Lew Temple) had a pretty cool death on The Walking Dead Season 3. Not everyone gets to die mid-sentence, although it’s a shame that he never got to finish his conversation with Carol Peletier (Melissa McBride).

Lew has not been slacking since his time on TWD. He has a ton of upcoming films to his credit, including Night Moves with Jesse Eisenberg and Dakota Fanning. But he took some time at Xcon in Myrtle Beach to talk to Classicalite about Axel's TWD death and what his character would be doing, if he had continued into Season 4 and beyond.

"I was told three weeks before I left the show that I was that I was going to be exiting the show," Lew said. "You do this denial dance, where you try to figure something else out. A different choice. Then when you finally commit to the fact that you are going to do this, then you want to do it great. So that was really my intention, to pull off it big the way we did and to shock the audience. I was really happy that we did a good job with that. I thought we accomplished what we were trying to do." It wasn’t too shocking that he died, supporting characters drop like flies on this show, but the way he died was memorably shocking.

The Walking Dead: What If Axel Had Lived? Lew Temple Imagines Future
Credit: Gene Page/AMC    

Lew was asked how long he thought Axel would've lasted, if he hadn't been shot by The Governor in Season 3. Would he still be with the Team Prison group?

"Yeah. I feel like he would still be a part of the group and that he would be very serviceable to the group," Lew said. "I think he had a lot to offer in friendship and comradeship. I think he was a handy guy who could've helped them out quite a bit. You know he just wanted to fit in and kind of kept putting his best foot forward. I think he had a lot to offer."

He seemed to be getting somewhere with Carol, once he learned she was not a lesbian, even with the "short hair." Maybe that could've done somewhere, or maybe they would've just stayed friends. Maybe he would've been stuck in the Terminus train car with the others, or maybe he would’ve been on the road with Beth Greene (Emily Kinney) (remember when Carol told him to stay away from her 'cause she was only 17?) or with Carol, Tyreese (Chad Coleman) and baby Judith.

We'll never know what Axel might've been able to do. Same for poor Oscar (Vincent Ward), who also perished. In fact, Rick's group entering that prison was the worst thing that could've happened to all five of those guys. Oh well! They were screwing with the wrong people too, even if they didn't start the fight.

Do you miss Axel on TWD? What do you think he'd be doing, if he survived with Team Prison?

The Walking Dead Season 5 premieres in October on AMC.

Source: Classicalite

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