The Vampire Diaries Burning Question: What If Elena Had Taken the Cure?
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The Vampire Diaries

The Vampire Diaries Burning Question: What If Elena Had Taken the Cure?

Can you imagine what Season 5 of The Vampire Diaries would look like had Elena taken the Cure? In a recent Entertainment Weekly article, TVD executive producer Julie Plec admitted that, when the show was first imagined, she and co-creator Kevin Williamson knew that there would be a one-dose cure for vampirism, and they knew they wanted Elena (Nina Dobrev) to take it. When it came down to it, the curing of Elena seemed too obvious to the TVD writer’s room, and they gave it to Katherine instead. But, what if they had stuck with their original plan? What is Elena had taken the Cure?

Delena not be in love

One of the most drastic consequences of Elena’s transition into vampirism was that she fell out of love with Stefan and into love with Damon. Even as a human, Elena seemed to have feelings for Damon, but it was Stefan she chose right before she died. With the prospect of the end of Klaus’ vampire line, she chose to go back to Mystic Falls to say goodbye to Stefan rather than to continue on to see Damon.

According to Julie, she felt strongly that Stelena would not break up and Delena would not get together until after Elena turned vamp: “Along with becoming a vampire is sort of like a right of passage, it’s shifting into a new phase of your life, it’s shifting moralities, it’s shifting context, it’s heightened emotions. You feel different things stronger than you ever did before and given everything that Damon had done to Elena, given the fact that in Season 2 he literally killed her brother, given all the chaos he had caused, in spite of their chemistry, I didn’t feel comfortable letting her let go of what is pure in her heart, which is Stefan, to explore the darker sides of her impulses and a more adult relationship in the form of Damon until her entire life had been turned inside out.”

If this is as simple as: human Elena loves Stefan, vampire Elena loves Damon (which it probably isn’t), would Elena have fallen back in love with Stefan when turned human again? Or, would her feelings for Damon have remained? Debate in the comments below.

Katherine storyline would have been way lamer

Let’s face it: Katherine having the Cure forced down her throat was the most interesting things TVD has done in a long time. Watching Katherine struggling with her humanity was part-humor, part-heartbreaking, and completely entertaining. Given that Elena was human a second ago, this her transition back into humanity would have been way less entertaining. More Katherine as vamp storylines would have still been great, as anything involving Katherine usually is, but presumably nowhere near as profound.

In a somewhat ironic way, Elena also sealed her fate as Katherine’s go-to host when she shoved the Cure down her doppelganger’s throat while Katherine was tempting to kill her. Curing Katherine made her human, which started her slow dying process, and eventually led to Katherine jumping into Elena’s body. Now, Elena may be gone forever (probably not, though), and Katherine is taking Elena Gilbert’s hot bod for a spin. On the other hand, if Elena had taken the Cure, Katherine’s attempt on her life probably would have gone much smoother. Katherine could have killed Human Elena much faster than Vampire Elena. Not that the show would have let that happen.

What huge changes in show mythology do you think would have occurred if Elena had been the one to take the Cure? Share your theories in the comments below!

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