What Is Desiree Hartsock’s Biggest Hometown Date Worry?
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What Is Desiree Hartsock’s Biggest Hometown Date Worry?

Real talk: Desiree Hartsock had one of the worst Hometown Dates in the history of The Bachelor. Chances are you have the entire event chronicled in hilarious gifs, but here's a refresher....

Des brought Bachelor 17's Sean Lowe home to meet her parents, and her crazy brother single-handedly ruined her chances of getting a rose. Des' brosef called Sean a "player" and made it 100 percent clear that he didn't approve of their relationship, causing Sean to eliminate this lovely lady.

Naturally, Desiree was devastated by her traumatic Hometown Date experience, and it looks like she was more than a little nervous about what to expect during the family meet-’n-greets on The Bachelorette.

"I just went into meeting the families as I would anyone I'm dating," Desiree tells The Huffington Post. "I was cautious though just because I didn't know if there would be any protective sister that would question me."

Yikes — fingers crossed that Desiree doesn't have to go through what poor Sean did. Because their Hometown Date is seriously the most awkward thing ever. Even more awkward than Chris Harrison trying to sport "casual wear." Just say no to Madras shorts, friend.

Source: The Huffington Post