What Is Farrah Abraham’s Ethnicity?
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Farrah Abraham

What Is Farrah Abraham’s Ethnicity?

Farrah Abraham is one of MTV's most controversial Teen Moms, but she's also one of the most gorgeous. This erotic novelist / backdoor beauty is all kinds of exotic — from her cascading dark hair, to her dreamy almond-shaped eyes, to her luscious, silicone-filled lips. Basically, Farrah is the whole package — and she gets her good looks from her mom and pop, Debra Danielson and Michael Abraham!

Debra and Michael weren't too shabby looking themselves back in ye olden times, and they clearly passed on their killer genes to Saint Farrah. Girlfriend is a perfect combination of both her parents, and we're dying to know what her ethnicity is!

Apparently, Farrah's ethnicity is a top Google question, and she finally dished on her heritage to the folks at Starcasm. "I am Syrian, Italian, Sicilian and Danish…" Farrah told the celebrity gossip site. "Syrian and Italian on my dad’s side and on my mom’s it’s Sicilian and Danish."

Wow, no wonder Farrah is so stunning — her family is a veritable melting pot of ethnic backgrounds! Also, now it makes perfect sense why Farrah's so passionate about Italian Hot Pepper Sauce.

Do you think Farrah looks more like her mom or her dad's side of the family? Weigh in below!

Source: Starcasm

06.5.2014 / 12:00 AM EDT by Mehera Bonner
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