What Is Gary Head’s Biggest Regret?
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What Is Gary Head’s Biggest Regret?

Jenelle Evans's ex-fiancé, Gary Head, has had a pretty rough year. Not only did this ex-marine spend a week in jail thanks to driving under the influence, he also broke up with his girlfriend, got into several epic fights with our girl Jenelley, went on medication for his anger issues, and has been suffering from bouts of depression. Yet his biggest regret of the year? Read on, brave souls...

"I wish I would have never pawned my sound system," Gary tweeted on June 4. "Biggest regret this year. The crazy things I do when I'm Inlove."

Really, Gary? We're slightly surprised that pawning a sound system is this dude's biggest regret. You know, as opposed to driving drunk around the backwoods, or breaking up with Jenelle while she was in rehab. But whatever, no judgement here! Boyfriend just wants to listen to his country tunes in peace, y'all.

By the way, who knows what kinds of crazy hijinks Gary will get up to now that he's once again in love. This southern gent is dating a new gal named Caroline Nicole who loves nothing more than puppies, BBQ chips, and Jesus. Oh, and her daughter, Delaney.

Hopefully Gary won't end up having to pawn any of his prized possessions to keep Caroline happy, but if worse comes to worse, his collection of man tanks could probably earn a few Benjamins.

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06.5.2013 / 12:00 AM EDT by Mehera Bonner
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